Banner SpotDummy - Blogger Demo Data Generator for Template Developers
SpotDummy will help you generating dummy data for demo blogs of Blogger templates. This tool has may visual and comfortable features. Check below feature list:

God Mag - Flexible Magazine Blogger Template is a professional design for magazine/news or blogging websites on Blogger / Blogspot.

Explanation about settings for posts and comments of Blogger. Those settings will help you control your posts and comments on Blogger / Blogspot as a better way.

To configure settings for post and comments, login to your dashboard, access Settings and choose Posts and comments page. The setting page will display as below
Dashboard Page - Blogger Posts and Comments Settings
Settings / Posts and comments page
Each time you change or input anything in this page, you must click Save settings button on the top right corner of screen to apply all changes. Only admin members of blog can access these settings.

Merry christmas and Happy New Year 2015 - Blogger Can Do Year End Party
Dear all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015. Welcome to Blogger Can Do Year End Party!

SpotEggs - Online Blogger Template Code Editor for Developers
SpotEggs is a premium editor for developing Blogger / Blogspot template code. It's comfortable, smart, modern and increase speed for all of your template projects. Just enjoy this powerful and functionally tool.

BricMag - Minimal Responsive Blogger Template Banner BricMag – minimal, simple, responsive, elegant template for Blogger - Blogspot. With awesome sidebar design, cool blogroll layout and fashionable style, this template is what you need for your portfolio, magazine, blogging or gag websites.

This widget will help you adding Flickr Badget to your Blogger / Blogspot with simple CSS3 animation effects.
Simple Flickr Badge with CSS3 Effects for Blogger / Blogspot


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